Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nail Attack Tuesday/ Review

Hi ladies, i will be starting a new nail series called nail attack. In this series i will be showing you guys my favorite nail polish colors. I am sorry for some of the blurry pictures i am not sure what was going on with my camera.

First of i absolutely adore elianto's nail polishes they are amazing and is on a budget. Today i've chosen Elianto's nail polish in the color turquoise.When i recently went to elianto i saw that they launched their new polish collection, unfortunately i dint manage to get the name of the collection. The collection had some repeated colours and one of them was turquoise. Originally the nail polishes are Rm 5 but its seems that everything in the collection is Rm 5.50. including the repeated colors.

Not sure what up with that.

Above is the new collection from Elianto. Priced at Rm 5.50 each and have no names just numbers like S10.

Ive applied this nail polish with elianto's top coat and base coat. The nail varnishes are true to color.

Elianto nail varnishes stay up to about 4 days for me even after putting my hands through a lot.
All in all i love elianto polishes and they are extremely affordable, i will continue purchasing them.


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