Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nail Attack Tuesday (Elianto)

hello my lovelies, 

                           Its nail attack Tuesday. I did a bit of a twist for this weeks nail attack, i layered nail polishes. I am wearing elianto nail polishes, I know all of my posts use elianto, let me explain why, well ever since i discovered this brand here in Malaysia i have been obsessed, with their eye-shadows, nail polishes and lip-gloss. Everything from their line is affordable, and i am all about saving money and buying products that are worth while. So to me Elianto is one of them. 

I got these polishes for free, when i went to purchase some eye-shadows, i had to fill in a survey to get the nail polish. I know cool right.. I love free stuff.

Ok on with the nail attack. The two nail polishes ive chosen are Twilight Zone and Platinum Pearl. I first applied Twilight Zone and then layered Platinum Pearl on top. 

 Twilight Zone

Platinum Pearl

I love all of the elianto polishes and i kinda have all of them, and they all apply perfectly. I am not sure if it was because i got this for free (just kidding), but Twilight Zone was really thick and a bit hard to apply. It slid to my skin and was a hard to get off, as you would see in the picture, i was unable to get it off from the edges. Platinum pearl applied as lovely as all of my other elianto nail polishes. 

But i loved this look, and i might try this with a different black base though. 

Check out Elianto for more information about their products.

What do you guys think of this combination? What other colours do you think would go with Platinum Pearl? Let me know in the comments below.. If you liked reading my post, why not share it. 

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