Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's on my eye Wednesday ( Neons & Nudes)

Hey pretties, 

                   Its that time of the week again, for this weeks what's on my eye i was inspired by Bobby browns, neons and nudes collection. This collection has a pallet called Ultra nude eye, which is like the Urban decay's naked pallet except urban decays eye pallet has 12 eye shadows  and ultra nude has 6.  Even though its limited edition i dont think its worth the money for 6 shades.

Ok so I will be doing my own take on the make up look using Urban decays naked. This look is pretty simple and extremely easy to achieve, and is perfect for upcoming spring. 

Ok lets get started...

1. Always start with priming your lids to prevent your look from creasing.

2. Using a flat shader brush apply naked all over your lid

3. Then using a fluffy brush or a blending brush apply buck into your crease and blend. 

4. Using an angled brush apply buck on to your lower lash line and smudge it.

5. Then apply your eye-liner really close to the lash line, you can wing it out if you want to. 

6. Apply your favourite mascara.

7. And apply your favourite bronzer and light pink blush.

8. Then take a neon pink or orange, which ever colour suits you best and then apply it using a lip brush for precision and this helps the colour really stay on your lips. ( I used a neon pink and then added a muted pink on top)

9. Apply your other make up as usual. 


                                                 The lip colours i used

Products Used:

* Elianto eye primer
* Urban decay eye shadows in naked and buck
* Eye liner from Daiso 
* Lipstick on the left is Nyx Round lipstick in Paris
* Lipstick on the left unfortunately does not have a name i got it from a wholesale shop. 

Click Here if you want to check out Bobby Browns Neons & Nudes Collection

So what do you guys think of this weeks tutorial? Would you wear this neon & nude look for spring? Let me know in the comments below.. If you liked this post why not share it the links are below...

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