Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review Monday- Avon super shock eye liner in blackened metal

Avon super shock eye liner in blackened metal

Hi lovelies,

Well like i said in my Avon Haul i have been in love with the new products Avon has been coming up with.This would product would be one of them.

Blackened metal is a gel based eyeliner, it goes on easily with the eyeliner brush and can be layered for a more intense look. Its really creamy so it would be perfect as an eyeshadow base. Plus it goes perfectly when layered with Urban Decay's Creep.

The glitter is quiet fine and isn't harsh on the eyelids.The lid for this product is quiet air tight, so no worries of drying out, which i absolutely love.

                                                                   * Picture credited to Thesundaygirl

 Price: Rm 40

Product Over view:

* Easy to smudge
* Fine Glitter, so it isn't harsh on the lids

* There isn't any


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