Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 5 Friday ( valentines day gift ideas)

Hi there, 

I hope you all are doing fine. Well i will be starting a new series, called top 5 Friday. Today i will be sharing my top 5 list for valentines day gift ideas. I love valentines day, and you don't even have to be with someone to enjoy it, you could treat your self to something you have always wanted to get or just go out there and do something. 

For me valentines day, is about getting my imagination out to play, i take this opportunity to get creative and make something personal. And ladies this is an opportunity to show your man your creative side, and i am sure they will love it.

Here is my top 5 gift ideas.

1. Picture frame
    Go out there and find a plane wooden frame and decorate the frame with anything (beads, paint,glitter), don't be afraid to get personal. And then put in a favorite picture of the both of you.

Above is an example of a picture frame from Google.

2. 100 reasons why i love you
     Get a huge jar with a lid, make sure it is clear so you can see inside. Then cut out strips of red paper or red card, could be any width, its up to you. Then write down a 50 or hundred reasons why you love him. Put in in the jar and tie a huge red ribbon.

Tip: You can spray the paper with yours or his favorite perfume. Above is an example taken from Google.

3. Photo Album
    Get a photo album, and get your favorite pictures, and make a collage of your favorite moments together.

Tip: Use your old magazines and cut out words, like "I love you", "memories". Above is an example from Google.

4. Write a song
     If your musically talented or even if your not, you can still write a song about the way you feel about your partner, record it and on the day put it in their phone, ipod, ipad or whatever.

Tip: There are song generators out there you just need to put in your key words.

Here is a link for a song i wrote for a friend of mine, The song

5. Write a poem
     You don't have to be a poet to write poems, poems are just feelings that become words. Just imagine how you feel and write it down. Then frame your poem in a beautiful frame that you made.

Well that's my top 5 list, i hope you guys like it, and i hope this was helpful. Do let me know what you tried out. Now go out there and get creative.


* Disclaimer- the images used above do not belong to me, its just being used for demonstration purposes only. Source: Google 

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