Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's on my eye Wednesday ( Green Envy )

Hi there,

             Today's tutorial bright with a bit of shimmer. This tutorial is super easy. So lets get on with it.

1. Always start with priming your lids, to prevent your look from creasing.

2. Add a matte black base all over your lids, using a flat shader brush/ blending brush, and blend it out till your crease. You could use a gel eye-liner or a pencil if you have one.

3. Then using a flat shader brush apply Elianto Jewellery green or any matte green on top of the black base and blend it our till your crease.

4. After everything is blended out apply a shimmering green on to your lids, i choose to use a shadow stick, but you can use an eye shadow instead.

5. Then apply your eye-liner really close to the lash line, you can wing it out if you want to. 

6. Apply your favourite mascara.

7. And apply your favourite bronzer and blush. I am not wearing any though. 

8. Apply a nude or a light pink lipstick, since this look is bold.

9. Apply your other make up as usual. 

Products i used:

* Golden Lady Black Base
* Elianto Eye shadow in Jewellery Green
* Golden Lady Green Base 
* Collection 2000 eye liner 
* Essence No Limits Mascara

So what do you guys think of this weeks tutorial? Would you wear this look for spring/ Summer? Let me know in the comments below.. If you liked this post why not share it the links are below...

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  1. Looks gorgeous on you especially with your skin tone, I love greeny/blue eyeshadow colours :) Found you through the blog hop on BlogLoveTherapy :)


    1. aww thank you hun.. thanks for visiting my blog.



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