Monday, March 12, 2012

Review Monday ( Avon mega impact gel eyeliner)

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                         Today's review is from my Avon Haul. Click here (Avon Haul) if you want to see the haul. You can also check out my post on how to make eyeliner last longer. Ok moving on today i will be reviewing Avon mega impact gel eyeliner in black flash.

The Avon mega impact gel eyeliner is a gel based, water proof eye liner. It has a very creamy and smooth consistency.  The color is very rich and pigmented, and it glides along the lash line like butter. This gel eye liner stays put on the lash line, the whole day. 

Although sharpening the pencil is going to be bit of a pain since the gel is too soft to sharpen. But when you do get it sharpened its always crisp. 
People always ask if the product in the pencil tends to dry out, Ive had mine for months now it's as creamy as ever.

I know the swatch above shows the eyeliner has glitter but it doesn't, i made the mistake of using it with Avon super shock in blackened metal, and the glitter got on the gel liner. It's just a matte black.
It comes in three other colors available: Extreme Cobalt, Golden Fawn and Brown Shimmer. I definitely will be purchasing them soon. 

In a nutshell 


- Easy to use
- Creamy & bendable
- Waterproof
- Doesn't dry out
- comes in 3 other colors


- Just sharpening, although it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Availability & Price

- I purchased these in Saudi Arabia, i am not sure if its available here in Malaysia. You can check out   Avon Arabia  and Avon Malaysia for more details.

Price- Rm 27 / SAR 27 (Bought during a sale) original price RM 37/ SAR 37

Have you tried any of the mega impact eyeliners? Leave a link in the comments below letting me know which one is your favorite. Don't forget to follow me if you're not a follower. Until next time...

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