Monday, April 9, 2012

Review Monday- Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Hi lovelies, 

                 Its been a long time since ive posted, sorry about that ive been so busy with uni. I am done with some of my work and i am taking a break to write a review on Maybelline Falsies Mascara. If you want to check my mascara haul click here.

so lets get on with the review. 

Everyone has been talking about the falsies, when i first read and watched the reviews i knew i had to try it out my self and see what the fuss was all about. 

ok here is what the mascara claims

The Claims:
False lashes, instantly
• Patented Spoon Brush fans out lashes from corner-to-corner, while our Pro-Keratin formula instantly builds volume without clumping
• Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of 300% more visible, fuller lashes, no gaps from any angle
• Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested
• Waterproof, also available in Washable formula 

The Brush 

The brush is curved such that it would fit the curve of your lashes. i loved that the brush has alot of bristles, this would help coat all the lashes. 

 The curve of the brush

Side view of the brush

The Review 

My Bare Lashes 

                                                    My lashes with two coats of mascara 

My lashes side view 

When i applied this mascara i noticed with one coat my lashes were evenly coated. I applied two coats to give it that false lash effect. Since the brush is curved, it coats the lashes while giving it a perfect curl. This mascara is build able but you need to make sure to do it right to avoid over clumping. Its actually best to build it up while its wet on your lashes. This mascara does actually make my lashes pop, it gives good volume and length although it did not look like false lashes to me, but it was close. Its actually great for a person who wants that false lash effect but does not know how to wear false lashes or does not want to wear them. And this mascara lasts all day. 

The only downside to this product is taking off the mascara, i used Garnier make up remover milk, it does remove the mascara but there is still some left behind on my lashes. And some times a lash or two comes off while removing the mascara which sucks, i am not sure if anyone else faces this problem but i do. But i still love this product. 

I rate this product 8.5/10 and i would recommend this to everyone.

You can find this product at any local drug store, here in Malaysia it retails for Rm 35.90

What do you think of this weeks review? Have you tried Maybelline Falsies Mascara? What did you thin of it? Let me know in the comments below. If you liked this post be sure to share it the links are below.

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  1. this looks wonderful! :D

  2. You just got nominated for the versatile award!! go to my blog to view the details!

  3. I really like this mascara! I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award as well!


  4. Hey! I found you through the blog hop :) Great blog!! Can't wait to see more from you. I'm now following you, hope to see you around my blog. :)

    xo spilledpolish

  5. Sorry if I'm reposting. I've been losing comments left and right. I wanted to try this mascara the last time I needed some but it wasn't available. After seeing how well it worked for you, I really wish it had been available for me to buy.

    1. It's ok hun i get that too.. This mascara has become my new favorite, although i need to buy a new make up remover to remove it. Hope you find it hun.. :)

  6. You have amazing lashes! I did a review on the volume express mascaras by Maybelline if you would like to check it out?

    Sophie xx



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